ENMARES Aircraft Insulation Blankets Welding Machine (E-IBWM) was designed and manufactured to unify the edges of upper and lower folios of the body insulation blankets of different aircraft types. The main principle is quite simple and provides a reduction in production costs. The standard E-IBWM has two horizontally-positioned 800 mm. Teflon coated thermic blades. These blades are electrically heated via resistances placed inside of the blades. These heated blades join the edges of blanket folios to each other by simply melting their specially integrated bonding meshes.

The adjustable temperature of these resistances enables the operator to adjust the amount of heat transferred to different types of folios from different vendors for the best bonding result. Approximate vertical clearance between the blades is 50 mm. The blades are actuated pneumatically through a foot switch. In case of an emergency case, the actuation of the blade will be stopped as soon as the operator release the foot switch. E-IBWM has been equipped with a timer circuit for a precise adjustment of welding time. As appreciated, this is especially important when environmental conditions vary considerably. Any maladjustment in welding time may result in an excessive melting that may cause folios to be scrap or two edges not to be joined properly. Moreover, there is a stopper wall placed projectionally behind the blades ensuring a constant welding strip width of 15 mm.

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