ENMARES Engine Components Degreasing and Cleaning Facility (Clean Line) (E-CL) is an innovative facility solution that brings a new viewpoint to degreasing and cleaning of aircraft engine components prior to non-destructive inspection, maintenance and repair purposes. A standard E-CL package has 13 degreasing/cleaning tanks, 8 of which individually have active integrated off-tank heating system. These tanks have a laminated SS periphery and bottom. There is a special heat insulator in between these two SS layers, enabling the tanks to maintain their temperature even one day after the shutoff. Moreover, all hot tanks have a pneumatically driven SS lid with seals over the contact surfaces. One of the most important innovations that E-CL possesses is the way to create required agitation during the process. While this agitation effect is obtained by in-tank-propellers in conventional systems, which require continuous maintenance and breaks down frequently; E-CL employs a specially designed jet agitation to create this effect. Therefore, E-CL tanks have no protrusions inside. This feature makes maintenance and cleaning of the tanks much more easier than before. All subsystems of the facility except the tanks are hidden as embedded into the ground, and all controls and digital temperature tracking system are located on a main central command console.