ENMARES Hydraulic MRO Floor Crane was designed to provide a useful solution for lifting objects up to 1000 kg during mounting and demounting operations over different zones on aircraft. It enables operations within an elevation range of 2200 mm to 6000 mm and up to 2000 mm away from its main column horizontally by its gooseneck design. Although it was designed to mount and demount nacelle cowls at first (e.g. fan or thrust reverser cowls), it can be used in many MRO applications, such as landing gear mount and demount and other applicable lifting applications. For transportation purposes, whole system has been designed so that it can be disassembled into 7 main parts. These parts can be attached each other by standard tooling and fasteners. At each and every step of design process, whole system has been three dimensionally constructed in computer media and design process has been implemented by 3D simulations. These feedbacks enable us to satisfy our FTT manufacturing target and to improve the affectivity of the solution. Complementary kinematic and functional analysis have been carried out during the design of the system by the aid of intensive use of CAD/CAE tools.