ENMARES provides turnkey engineering solutions for manufacturing lines built for mass or cell production, as well. Our manufacturing line support equipment range from manufacturing and checking jigs (fixtures) design to on-line test equipment. A 14-meter-long trailer chassis weld jig complete design and production, which was carried our for a reputable automotive OEM, is a significant example for our former jig production projects. This jig can be considered as a fully-automated hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturing tool to be used for welding of 14-meter long trailer chassis. It has pneumatically activated clamps resting on side bars holding lateral trailer bars in position. Vertically-operating hydraulic pistons allows a vertical lift of chassis to the next production station. All operation steps are controlled by inductive positioning sensors. Automation process is functioning via a central PLC unit in main command panel and whole operation algorithm was constructed by ENMARES during design process. It is important to emphasize that conceptual and detailed design, 3D CAD modeling, kinematic analysis, manufacturing, shipment and fully-commissioning of this product have been carried out by ENMARES in a turnkey manner.
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