ENMARES Variable Height Aircraft Wing Maintenance Dock is another innovative solution for docking different locations on aircraft during maintenance operations. These platforms have a vertical movement skill with no protrusions above the working level at any elevation. Although principle dimensions and stroke can be customized by customer, our standard product provides a vertical stroke of approximately 3.0 m (from 1.9 m to 4.9 m) and platform measures of 5 m x 8 m. These measures allow A300 wingtip operations, even when jacked. Our platform is splitted into 3 adjacent strips having equal width, 2 of which can be elevated with respect to the main platform level. This modular design allows the platform to conform wing dihedral and aft fuselage contours easily. It is also equipped with an over-surface projector to provide the necessary illumination during operation. All controls are on the main command console on the platform. This console can easily be removed just by unplugging a main data socket located at the bottom. Upon request, these product can be equipped with contour-tracking sliders extending over horizontal plane. Whole system can completely be separated into its smallest components for ease in storage and shipment. Electric and hydraulic system have been specially featured by sockets and quick-couplings so that while disassembling and assembling of the system, it does not require a refurnishment of electric lines or draining/refilling/replenishment of hydraulic fluid. The platform can be covered by aluminum panels, on which the emblem of customer is engraved. These platforms can be manufactured as electromechanically or hydraulically driven depending upon the customer’s request.
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