ENMARES Narrow Body Wing Dock (E-WDNB) was designed to provide a useful solution for narrow body wing MRO operations like Boeing 737 series and Airbus A320 family. The platform that has a slope of 6° provides an operation surface with a height range from 750 mm to 2450 mm (lower side), and a distributed loading capacity of up to 600 kg. Mobility is one of the most significant advantages of this system. The swivel castors enable dock to be moved on the ground to the desired location by simply manpower. Moreover, the dock can be fixed to ground by immobilization tools during the operation for maximum safety. The wide operational height range and mobility make this specially customized dock a useful equipment for most of narrow body MRO operations. All measures and angles, strokes, the way it is driven (electromechanically or hydraulically driven) and the features on the platform surface can be customized upon customer’s requests.