Advance Engineering and CAD/CAE/FEA Capabilities

As an advanced defense engineering and manufacturing company, we intensively utilize our advanced engineering and analysis capabilities for ensuring best possible solution and trading off perfect compromise between functionality and cost.

Our advanced engineering capability scope includes almost all services required for a complete product development process such as parts and systems 3D-CAD computer modelling, structural FEA material strength, durability and fatigue analyses, vibration and frequency analyses, CFD analyses for compressible and incompressible fluids, explosion shock and ballistic fragment analyses including naval applications, kinematic modelling and dynamic motion analyses.

We conduct extremely sophisticated non-linear explosion and blast FEA analyses in-house for our genuine blast-proof ammunition warehouse door systems. Airbus A330 Beluga XL Final Assembly Line, located in Airbus Toulouse facilities, has been designed, manufactured and commissioned by ENMARES, including all structural strength analysis as the main contract requirement for manufacturing approval.

We generate detailed analysis reports and the most precise video simulations at worldly accepted standards.