Custom System Design and Manufacturing

Our turnkey solutions cover a wide range from aviation engineering projects to aircraft ground support equipment, from special naval systems to blast protection doors, and such to many in our highly diversified capability scope.

Our customization approach, which is applicable to almost all our product groups, obviously becomes a very valuable tool for our customers, who always struggle to make the best choice against the trade-off between needs and costs. ENMARES maintains its continuous growth with many turnkey aerial, naval and land defense and civil aviation projects for both domestic and overseas customers.

ENMARES carries out turnkey projects so that all applicable steps are included in the process. Moreover, our customers may partially outsource individual steps of their projects to ENMARES, like design or analysis only.

The complete scope of our project implementation process; which covers design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) and after sales support, became ENMARES’ distinguishing power in many aviation and defense projects for years.