Aircraft Flight Control Surfaces
Balkancın Test Tools

As a result of a repairs and modifications on any aircraft flight control surfaces, center of gravity slightly changes, becomes eccentric with respect to the hinge axis and the net angular momentum caused by this change must be zeroed by some balancing weights. Our tool has been developed for the determination of unbalanced mass distribution resulted by a modification, paint or repair process on different types of control surfaces

We design and manufacture our Universal Aircraft Flight Control Surfaces Balancing Test Tools compliant to all flight control surfaces of different wide and narrow body aircraft in order to perform the net resultant hinge moment test, and determine if any unit weight plate addition is needed to ensure the center of gravity would exactly overlap on the rotation axis.

In addition, thanks to its specially designed and easily changeable adapter apparatus set, the tool can be used for balancing many different and highly diversified control surfaces like ailerons, air brakes, trim tabs and rudders.

Our equipment is used by many domestic and overseas MRO’s for more than 15 years.