Aircraft Lashing Tiedowns Load Testing Services

As specified in relevant NATO-NAVAIR papers; each and every aircraft lashing tiedown on warships and any other naval platform is subjected to the periodical load tests after being first welded to the deck; where 32.000 lbs vertical loading is applied to their crossbars successively and held as so for 3 minutes for each.

ENMARES has been giving the aircraft tiedown load test services for more than 10 years in NATO-NAVAIR standards. We are performing the load tests by our genuine and well-calibrated ENMARES hydraulic load test tools. Our full service package includes test organization as per the lashing layout of the helicopter platform, performance of the test by ENMARES experienced personnel, final official test report and even repairing optionally.

Approximate test duration is around 7-10 days for an average-size military vessel helicopter platform.