Aircraft Maintenance Platforms
(Docking Systems)

Our award-winner cutting-edge aircraft maintenance dockings have been used by our respected domestic and overseas customers for more than 15 years. We provide our customers with a highly diversified docking platform portfolio that fits any zone over aircraft of any type and size. Design and manufacturing of innovative aircraft maintenance docking systems is one of the key capabilities of ENMARES. 

ENMARES aircraft maintenance platforms offer many distinguishing features like vertical height adjustment and tiltable upper platforms ensuring an effective and ergonomical access, especially to lower surfaces of wing and THS which naturally have certain dihedral angles.

Our platforms can be equipped with peripherally installed surface-flush projectors which provide a perfect upward illumination for lower wing, fuselage and THS maintenance. Our docking platforms are equipped with extendable sliders for continuous contour-tracking around A/C.

All our customers may choose any platform that is already in our product portfolio, or they rely on us for a custom design exactly fits their specific restrictions or requests. In case of custom docking system requests; we fly to the customer hangar no matter where it is located, perform special design activities on the site in conjunction with our customers’ engineering team.

We generate all 2D and 3D studies and submit a detailed docking design file to our customer by using 3-dimensional real-scale computer models of aircraft under consideration. Next we pass to manufacturing stage when receiving our customers’ design approval, which eliminates all irreversible risks that may be encountered otherwise conducting a “blind process”.

We are considering all aspects in our design process like jacked/on wheels aircraft heights, engine position, dihedral angles, extension contours of flap and slats, jacking points etc., which considerably differ depending upon the aircraft type. We develop highly-universal solutions that significantly reduces operational costs of any MRO.

ENMARES provides a complete service package in aircraft docking projects including on-site custom design, manufacturing, software development, door-to-door shipment, site installation, commissioning and training.