Blast and Explosion Protection Door Systems

Conventional blast-resistant doors rely on strength and mass to provide protection. The dynamic response of steel blast doors have been covered in several civil and military reports, standards and guidelines whole over the world. It is essential to design a blast door to be lightweight and blast protective, which requires incorporation of numerical analysis and optimization techniques.

We design and manufacture genuine sliding and swing type blast and explosion proof doors and access solutions for different ballistically sensitive areas like ammunition depots, wind tunnels, chemical facilities and warehouses dealing with explosives. We are performing extremely sophisticated non-linear explosion and blast FEA analyses that we conduct in-house.


In our standard analysis procedure; analysis process is initiated with the preliminary checking of the 3D CAD model generated by ENMARES engineering team. Some discontinuities and singularities in the 3D CAD model (which are already known and defined deliberately during design for manufacturing purposes) are fixed and the data is turned to be ready for FE analysis. Then fine meshing of the door assembly is done. Design criteria for parent materials, bolted and welded joints and the respective safety factors are assigned in respect of the requirements and regulations specified by our customers.

On the basis of the aforementioned preparations, detailed analysis is started to run with respect to all defined global and local parameters. Fire rating and other tests, manufacturing and site commissioning supervision are carried out by ENMARES in turnkey manner upon customer request.