Complete Aircraft Shoring Cradle Units

ENMARES designs and manufactures special custom aircraft shoring cradle systems for all types of aircraft including private jets, passenger and cargo airplanes, fighters, helicopters and space shuttles.

Our full aircraft shoring service covers all engineering studies, shoring planning and consultancy; included on-site laser station contour tracking& plotting (unless AMMs suffice and if needed), shoring cradle design, manufacturing, shipment, and commissioning, as well as shoring operation itself upon customer request.

All ENMARES shoring units are equipped with digital load cells and LED segment indicators that ensure the safest shoring, as required. Also, our NLG Trunnion Shoring Tools have special landing gear bay linkage assemblies, which accommodate all pins to interconnect the tool with aircraft. NLG shoring units are a standard item in our aircraft shoring packages.

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