Complete Turnkey Aircraft Warehouse and Tool Room Equipping and Auxiliary Systems

One of the most special turnkey engineering capabilities of ENMARES is “Complete Turnkey Aircraft Warehouse and Tool Room Equipping”, together with software controlled custom facility management systems.

We carry out complete turnkey aircraft depot equipping projects:

  • 3D and 2D design drawings of the final layout of the warehouse as per EASA/FAA rules,
  • Design and construction of concrete or steel new depot building (or equipping/upgrading existing buildings addressed by our customers)
  • All fence separations for tire shelves, hazardous, unsalvageable and unserviceable component areas, together with electric sliding doors,
  • Complete firefighting sprinkler system design and implementation,
  • Complete HVAC system design and implementation, including special low-temp conditioning in the chemical room,
  • Complete smart facility LED lighting network,
  • Roller shutter doors,
  • Ceiling heat insulation,
  • Epoxy floor coating,
  • Complete backup electric power systems design and implementation, including 500 kW power station, diesel generator and UPS backup,
  • All shelves, including special tire shelves with tire contact protection and drawer-type expandable component consoles,
  • Design and implementation of complete facility automation system with central SCADA screen; including the control softwares and integration for all systems (HVAC, LED lighting, roller shutter doors etc.) monitoring and controls, personnel magnetic entrance card system, and desk barcode system.

In other words, our customers give only an empty building to us, and we are transforming that “4-walls” into a state-of-art A/C warehouse, as ready-to-operate.

ENMARES provides a complete service package in these turnkey depot equipping projects including on-site custom design, manufacturing, software development, door-to-door shipment, site installation, commissioning and training.

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