Glass Crushers and Garbage Compactors for Ships

ENMARES develops genuine compact waste compactors for naval and civil ships. Our specially designed 2-in-1 compactors accommodates a glass crusher and garbage compactor just in the same body, which is great flexibility especially considering extremely tight installations in military ships. 

Our standard compactors have a compression ratio of 10:1 with a 160 lt waste tank. ENMARES Glass Crushers and Garbage Compactors has two modes on its integrated command console; “Glass Crusher Mode” and “Garbage Compactor Mode”. In both mode, compression process is stopped automatically when glass pieces like bottles, cans, broken dishes etc. are broken and/or daily domestic wastes squeezed enough. 

Our system’s empty weight is 750 kg approximately and fully demountable for easy installation or replacement even in narrowest rooms.