Helidecks for Naval Platforms, Commercial Ships and Yachts

ENMARES designs and delivers helicopter landing platforms (helidecks) as per all dominating military and civil specifications whole over the world. ENMARES’ highly experienced aerospace engineers involve the project at the very beginning of the hull design, gives an intensive support to shipyards during the implementation thoroughly.

We deliver helicopter platforms that fulfill the requirements specified by NATO-NAVAIR, UK-CAA-CAP-437, ICAO- Annex-14/Vol.II and BSL-D5-1 standards upon customer request.

Thanks to our comprehensive experience acquired in turnkey helideck projects we have delivered to warships, yachts and many different purpose-build vessels for more than 15 years; we offer a full service package that includes full consultancy, structural design and dynamic impact FEA analysis of the deck, surface coating with marking scheme, Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAS), Helicopter Operation Environmental Monitoring Systems (HMS), helicopter in-flight refuelling systems (HIFR), deck integrated or monitor waterball firefighting systems.

ENMARES also carries out all necessary processes required for issuance of offical and worldly recognized helideck certification and deliver the official helicopter platform build certificate within the standard project package, for both military and civil platforms. We undertake all the responsibility from our customers’ shoulders and deliver complete aviation facilities certified by end-user navy or HCA (Helicopter Certification Agency), depending upon its being military or civil application.