Inflatable Weathertight Aircraft
Hangar Iris Doors

Maintenance hangar space is a rare resource. In many cases the available effective hangar area are too tight for the number of aircraft to be maintained or even too small for some aircraft longer than the useable depth of the hangar. In these cases it would be helpful to keep tail section or some portion of the fuselage of the aircraft outside the hangar. In such cases, a special weathertight hangar door solution required for an environmentally controlled and conditioned hangar inner working space.

ENMARES Iris Doors provides a sealed inflatable weathertight barrier to maintain optimal temperature in hangar building and so reduces energy losses wasted in conditioning the working environment. In this way, base maintenance team can be protected environmentally only by closing our iris door.

We are designing and manufacturing both standalone and “add-on” special inflatable iris door for MRO hangars depending on the physical restrictions designated by our customers. In case of an “add-on” type iris door request, we are first 3-dimensionally modeling the existing main hangar door in computer media, to which the iris door would be installed. Then we perform necessary FEA structural strength analysis to verify that existing doors can carry the additional loading that will be exerted by our iris door. We manufacture and install necessary structural reinforcements to the existing doors prior to the iris door installation (on site in the hangar).

Then finally we design and manufacturing our iris doors’ steel structure, pneumatic systems, mechanical drive accessories and touchscreen electronic automation system including special software development.