Lashing Tiedowns for Naval and Civil Marine Helicopter Platforms

Our genuine tiedowns, or “helicopter lashing pots”, are used to tie rotary of fixed wing aircraft down to military and civil platforms securely after landing. More than 2000 ENMARES tie-downs, which comply with all requirements specified by NATO regulations, have been delivered to defense and civil projects so far.

Our tiedowns are compliant to NATO-NAVAIR Air Capable Ship Aviation Facilities Bulletin. As specified in relevant NAVAIR papers; each and every tiedown we deliver is subjected to the load test after being welded to the deck; where 32.000 lbs vertical loading is applied to their crossbars successively and held for 3 minutes for each.

ENMARES also designs and manufactures custom design aluminum and stainless steel tiedowns for yacht building industry.

Our product is delivered together with all complementary documentation including manufacturing certificates, test reports etc. and any information can be engraved over its surface like P/N, lot no or PO number, upon customer request.