Load Test Tools for Aircraft Tripod Jacks

ENMARES Tripod Jack, Axle Jack, Slings and Tiedowns Load Test Tools have been designed so as to perform the most reliable load testing on any type of elevating and hoisting equipment employed in aircraft maintenance operations, with a test load capacity of up to 150 tons for tripod jacks and 80 ton for axle jacks.

This is a complete universal load test set compliant to almost all kind of jacks and slings. By the way, the same load cell unit can be used interchangeably for both tripod jack tester and load test cabin, which is another efficient solution in regard of the affordable equipment cost.


Periodic aircraft tripod jack loading tests are not obliged by the Authority to verify mechanical design aspects of the equipment such as deformation, fracture or buckling performance under the designated test load. Since all these concerns have been already verified in equipment design and prototyping stages; the main purpose of jack load tests is rather to check the sustained functionality of the device.

It is not too hard to guess next question one could ask, which is “so, what do we aim to measure or verify by this test?”. As we had mentioned above, the answer is “functionality”.

Hydraulic fluid power is utilized widespread in jacking operations for many years in aviation industry, for either tripod or axle jacks; which makes it the main function that has to be verified by periodic load tests. In other words, the main purpose of jack load test is simply to check if there is any hydraulic system malfunction that may jeopardize safety of personnel and/or aircraft during the operation.

Since maximum feasible arm length of tripod jack test tool itself is the main limitation for the maximum jack extension during the test, it is generally unlikely to perform the test with the jack stages fully-extended. Instead, determination of the most reasonable jack stage extensions during the test becomes more important to ensure the test results to be reliable. This fact is even valid for our special tripod jack test tool which allows extreme jack stage extensions thanks to its specially articulated long arms.

ENMARES, on this basis, also gives a comprehensive consultancy regarding the best reliable load test procedures, as well as performing the tests on-site upon customer request.

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