Portable Hydraulic Pressure Servicing Carts

ENMARES Portable Hydraulic Pressure Servicing Carts can supply pressurized aircraft hydraulic fluid 5000 psi / 340 bar with its compact body with stainless steel reservoir and integrated manual pump. Thanks to its 2-way pressure counterbalance valve and 3-way output selection valve, our pressure servicing carts is capable of supply 2 aircraft simultaneously, which is a great flexibility especially in helicopter maintenance operations.

All active and passive hydraulic subcomponents used in our hydraulic pressure servicing carts are specially selected so as to fulfil MIL-PRF-83282 requirements and be durable against very aggressive aviation fluids. Its integrated high pressure filter having a permeability of 3 µ fulfils the requirements of outlet fluid purity level III in NAS 1638 standards.

We also let our customers customize their carts according to their own specific operational requirements.