Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)

ENMARES Self Propelled Modular Transporter “ATLAS” is of a great importance for being a realized and living proof that reveals ENMARES’ ultimate system development capability in custom advance engineering projects.

This 5 mt x 10 mt and 40-ton weighing giant can carry external loads up to 150 ton thanks to its 220 Hp turbo-intercooler Volvo engine. It has 3 bogies, 6 axle blocks and 24 heavy-duty tires, which makes ATLAS capable of doing extreme maneuvers like moving vertical, horizontal, diagonal and rotating around itself.

It has a patent-pending independent hydraulic active suspension system thoroughly distributed to 12 kneeling pistons and controlled by its special central ECU software, providing an excellent stability even while moving on poorly rough surfaces.

Some other cutting-edge features are available optionally like gyro-controlled auto-horizon, integrated load weight measurement and fuel pre-heating.

On the contrary to our competitors who mainly offers standard vehicles, having widths of 2,4 or 3,0 mt in general; we design and manufacture such custom non-standard SPMTs in any requested dimensions that can be freely designated by our customers.


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