Ship Shaft and Thrust Propeller Removal Systems

ENMARES design and manufacture state-of-art hydraulic heavy-duty devices for removal of ship shafts and propellers that weigh up to 90 tons. Our giant removal systems are designed to operate both on shipyards and floating docks.

Our removal systems can be designed and manufactured specially for different hull geometries, shaft and propeller sizes and weights, and removal procedures upon the specific requirements designated by our customers.

In our standard system package, there are two independent vehicles for shaft and propeller removal, each moves through portable rail units that can be fixed over the dock or pool floor. Movement on these rails can be made loose (dolly mode) or motor-driven upon customer request.

Both shaft and propeller systems has offset height and angle adjustment feature for a perfect alignment with the shaft and propeller axes. Thanks to its cutting-edge design, our propeller removal vehicles are capable of remove even impact-shielded propellers like in ice-breakers. 

Our propeller removal systems can be equipped with rail-switching feature, in case of having restricted operation areas especially in pools, which enables the vehicle to switch its movement between FWD-AFT and PS-SBS directions. 

ENMARES Shaft and Thrust Propeller Removal Systems have different optional features such as automatic integrated external load measurement, gyro-controlled auto-horizon and portable safety winches.