Universal Towbarless Military Aircraft Movers

ENMARES SPIDER-Class universal towbarless military helicopter movers have been designed for handling of both rotary and fixed wings, for minimum but not limited to almost 30 different military aircraft models. SPIDER is equipped heavy duty high-torque traction motors and computer controlled 4-wheel independent steering system, which enables the vehicle to have high traction power with extreme maneuvering capabilities. It is worth noting that SPIDER is even capable of transferring CH-53 helicopter with MTOM of almost 40 tons, still by clearing the ground contact of steering landing gear of the aircraft.

SPIDER has been designed by carefully considering very expensive and fragile special instruments on some certain portions of aircraft in its capability scope, such as IRCM (InfraRed CounterMeasure), HUD camera pods, fuel drains, antennas etc., which require a great attention while handling. Thus, our vehicle ensures a secure clearance from such body instrumentation, which has already been taken into account in design stage. This is a good example for importance of military focused design in these equipment.

One of the most important advantages ENMARES aircraft movers serve is that our equipment have passed harshest tests as per relevant MIL-Specs and already subscribed in official NATO/OTAN inventories.


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