Universal Tire Inflation Cages

ENMARES Universal Tire Inflation Cages is one of our innovative state-of-art safety product group, one of the most critical security equipment in aircraft maintenance processes used to safely inflate various tire types of different sizes. It is designed to prevent fatal effects of a possible explosion while inflating the tire by protecting personnel against impacts caused by blast effect and free travelling fragments of tire.

Our cages comply with the OSHA regulations (OSHA Standard Number of 1910.177). Although this equipment group may seem to be designed mainly for aviation purposes, it can be employed in other industries like automotive, mining and all areas requiring a secure protection against blast and flying fragments. Our equipment has a special sheet metal structure so that it can attenuate shock waves caused by burst and it is equipped with a pressure shut-off valve system to limit the maximum pressure that can be delivered to the tire.

Our standard equipment package includes a ballistic glass for observation of inside of the cage during inflation, inside LED illumination and deflation function. Our cages can be customized upon customer’s request, and have analogue/digital touchscreen pneumatic control box and stationary/mobile options.


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