Warship Antenna Tilting Mechanisms

ENMARES designs and manufactures hydraulic tilting systems especially for HF antennas of naval platforms. Many warships frequently need to tilt some of antennas, partially or completely, in some circumstances.

It is likely this to turn to be a major design issue when considering large antennas that can weigh up to 500 kg and extend to 12 mt length. On the other hand, due to their fragile nature, handling of these relatively slender instruments needs a special attention.

ENMARES uniquely designs the required interface between our system and the antenna in every project for that particular ship. Our Antenna Tilting Mechanisms can be applied easily and fast, and do not require major modifications in ship structure for the installation.

In our system, the steel foundation that accommodates the connection flange of the antenna is rotated directly around its hinge axis by special hydraulic actuators having extremely high torque values up to 48.000 Nm. Our system can be manufactured so as to wipe a partial arc by any angle from -90˚ to +180˚ over elevation plane upon customer request.

ENMARES Antenna Tilting Mechanisms are designed in consideration of harshest military requirements and sea conditions.