Hercules Class

ENMARES HERCULES-Class aircraft movers have been designed and manufactured for easy and secure handling of skidded helicopters, without requiring external hydraulic lifting wheels or towbars, which are cumbersome musts in almost all skidded helicopter transfers. HERCULES can carry up to 7.500…

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Spider Class

ENMARES SPIDER-Class universal towbarless military helicopter movers have been designed for handling of both rotary and fixed wings, for minimum but not limited to almost 30 different military aircraft models. SPIDER is equipped heavy duty high-torque traction motors and computer controlled…

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Hawk Class

We have recently introduced our brand-new battery powered compact universal towbarless military helicopter mover “HAWK”. We have created this state-of-art device for military operations, nevertheless our civil customers can surely consider HAWK for their helicopter, private jet and mid-scale passenger aircraft…

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Ant Class

“ANT” is a special military-purpose electric-powered towing tug designed for transferring fixed and rotary wing aircraft to their hangar/storage facilities on terrestrial and naval surfaces (e.g. civil and military vessel helidecks). Contrary to its compact design; ANT is able to handle…

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