Apron Handling Trailers

ENMARES Apron Handling Trailers are state-of-art mobility products serving for line maintenance especially, which is equipped with some important features like dual nitrogen supply line, auto-shutoff safety pneumatic box (same as that we use in our universal tire inflation cages), a tool box and inside LED illumination.

Our standard product is capable of accommodating 2 off wheels, 1 off axle jack, 1 off brake pack, 1 off large-size tire removal dolly and equipped with a dual pneumatic control box with auto pressure shot-off ensuring safe tire inflation and deflation, inside led illumination, wall-mounted foldable working desk, long-life tires with drag-linked steering system, axles meeting Ackerman’s geometry tow bar and low-slope rear hatch with springback suspension mechanisms.

Like almost all ENMARES products, this equipment are also highly customizable. Our customers are free to add or omit any feature depending upon their specific operational requirements, like diesel powered electric generators, air conditioning and transparent shielding. We can deliver our trailers with a maximum towing speed of up to 70 kph.

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