Fly Away Type Modular Aluminum
Aircraft Tow Bars

ENMARES Fly-away Type Demountable Aluminum Tow Bars provide a great flexibility for mid-size aircraft towing operations, like military helicopters and private jets especially. Our lightweight modular tow bars have been in use by Turkish Navy mainly for Sikorsky S-70B towing operations, and also compliant to many other aircraft types in NATO inventories.

Thanks to its modular design, effective length of our towbars can be set from 2 mt to 7,4 mt and have a safe maximum towing capacity of 30 tons. Our tow bars, which weigh only 70 kg in its fully-mounted configuration having 7,4 mt effective length, are delivered in special crates or plastic hard cases nested in CNC-cut EPDM protection pads. So this compact tool can be transferred even by helicopters from one location to another easily.

ENMARES is also capable of designing and manufacturing any other type steel and aluminum tow bars upon customer request.