Hydraulic Mobile Aircraft MRO Floor Cranes

ENMARES Mobile Hydraulic MRO Floor Cranes have been designed to provide an indispensable tool for handling of rotary and fixed wing aircraft parts weighing up to 1000 kg* during mounting, transfer and demounting operations over different zones on aircraft.

It has wisely designed cutting-edge features like 360˚ turning main column, articulated telescopic boom capable of reaching almost 8-mt usable hook height, joy-stick controlled and motor-driven movability and maneuverability, which is operable even as fully loaded.

The geometry and clearance between its fixed and foldable legs have been determined by analyzing different trolleys and cradles that may be used for these operations in MRO hangar such as MLG or NLG cradles, T/R carriers etc.

ENMARES Mobile Hydraulic MRO Floor Cranes serve an extreme accessing capability to farest fixed-wing aircraft zones without compromising its heavy load capacity. These devices can operate very flexibly on fixed wings for handling of elevators, rudders, seats, engine, fan and T/R cowls, radome etc…

This mix also makes many heavy components’ handling in helicopter maintenance operations possible in a very flexible way such as gearboxes, main rotor blades, tail rotor, even the tail itself…

We can manufacture your new one with many customizations like safe working load (up to 3000 kg), height and extension ranges, self-movability controls (wireless or wired), special leg height, color etc. upon your requests.

The whole construction is made of steel and painted specially in order to provide the necessary durability against agressive aviation fluids like Skydrol©️ etc.

* In standard models. Higher lifting capacities can be provided upon customer request.