Torpedo Countermeasures Fiber Optic Cable Fairleads

We design and manufacture special fiber optic cable fairleads for torpedo countermeasures systems (TCS). Turkish Navy ships LST-Class (TCG Bayraktar, TCG Sancaktar), LHD-Class (TCG Anadolu) and MILGEM-Class naval platforms have been equipped with our special AISI-316 stainless steel fairleads of different sizes.

3D surface modelling of our fairleads are made by ENMARES engineers in computer media, which requires to fulfil many mathematical boundaries specified by torpedo countermeasure manufacturers. Accordingly, ENMARES TCS fairleads hence provide a smooth transition between cable drum, the stern of the ship and water. We also give 3D surface computer modelling service upon special customer request.

Our TCS fairleads that have a maximum inner surface roughness of 1,6 µ are compatible with PU family of cable jackets, and have 30 tons operational working load.


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