Battery Powered Aircraft Movers and Transfer Vehicles

ENMARES develops fully-customized tailored aircraft transfer vehicles, as well as offering the standard models already available in its product portfolio. Our HERCULES-Class carriers designed for skidded helicopters, ANT-Class towing vehicles that we have developed for wheeled aircraft, SPIDER-Class universal towbarless military…

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Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)

ENMARES Self Propelled Modular Transporter “ATLAS” is of a great importance for being a realized and living proof that reveals ENMARES’ ultimate system development capability in custom advance engineering projects. This 5 mt x 10 mt and 40-ton weighing giant can…

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Industrial Doors and Special Access Solutions

ENMARES offers special genuine Industrial Doors and Special Access Solutions for civil and military applications. Thanks to our highly competent engineering team, we design and manufacture custom doors and hatch systems for our diversified domestic and overseas, civil and military industry…

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Fuel Engine Powered Firefighting Pump Units

ENMARES Fuel Engine Powered Firefighting Pump Units are diesel or gasoline driven portable pumps for firefighting and water suctioning in naval platforms. Our pump unit is a combination of compact diesel or gasoline engine, centrifugal pump, exhaust primer, discharge valves and…

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Glass Crushers and Garbage Compactors for Ships

ENMARES develops genuine compact waste compactors for naval and civil ships. Our specially designed 2-in-1 compactors accommodates a glass crusher and garbage compactor just in the same body, which is great flexibility especially considering extremely tight installations in military ships.  Our…

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