Aircraft Flight Control Surfaces Balancing Test Tools

As a result of a repairs and modifications on any aircraft flight control surfaces, center of gravity slightly changes, becomes eccentric with respect to the hinge axis and the net angular momentum caused by this change must be zeroed by some…

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Aircraft Lashing Tiedowns Load Testing Services

As specified in relevant NATO-NAVAIR papers; each and every aircraft lashing tiedown on warships and any other naval platform is subjected to the periodical load tests after being first welded to the deck; where 32.000 lbs vertical loading is applied to…

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Load Test Tools for Aircraft Tripod Jacks

ENMARES Tripod Jack, Axle Jack, Slings and Tiedowns Load Test Tools have been designed so as to perform the most reliable load testing on any type of elevating and hoisting equipment employed in aircraft maintenance operations, with a test load capacity…

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Load Test Tools for Aircraft Axle Jacks, Slings and Tiedowns

ENMARES Axle Jacks, Slings and Tiedowns Load Test Cabinet is another universal tool designed for the load testing of hoisting equipment used in aircraft maintenance operations like slings and tiedowns, with a test load capacity of up to 80 tons. Our…

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