ENMARESWe Realize Innovative Ideas with Our In-house Advance Engineering, R&D and Manufacturing Capabilities

As an official NATO/OTAN supplier engineering company, ENMARES has a very dynamic and experienced technical team, as required for being able to carry out especially complex interdisciplinary defense projects. Our solid defense engineering notion ensures the best competitive products either in civil applications.

ENMARES has a very dynamic and experienced technical team. Our core engineering team is composed of aerospace, mechanical, mechatronics and shipbuilding engineers having deep industrial experience. This team structure and its members’ diversified skills enables us to carry out interdisciplinary projects without compromising quality and required engineering methodology.

Products and Projects

ENMARES offers special military electromechanical and hydromechanical turnkey system solutions for the defense sector.

ENMARES develops special tailored electro and hydro mechanical system solutions for defense and aerospace industries as a NATO/OTAN system supplier since 2009. These systems are designed, manufactured, delivered and set to work by ENMARES in a turnkey manner from scratch, upon the MIL specifications and requirements designated by the customer. Military helicopter transfer vehicles, helicopter facilities for naval platforms, ballistic protection and armoring, blast and explosion protection door systems, automatic mine laying systems, customized RHIB recovery systems, antenna tilting mechanisms, hydraulic and electro mechanic assault ramp mechanisms for amphibious ships, special AISI 316 SS torpedo countermeasures fiber optic cable fairleads are some examples for this product group.

ENMARES has many special electro and hydromechanical system solutions for the civil aviation, aircraft maintenance, yacht building and automotive sectors.

These systems are designed, manufactured, delivered and set to work by ENMARES in a turnkey manner from scratch, upon the requirements designated by our customers. Aircraft maintenance docking systems, aircraft ground support equipment (GSE), battery-powered aircraft moving and transfer vehicles, aircraft hangar inflatable iris doors, special aircraft maintenance tooling and test devices, yacht helicopter facilities and special equipment for yachts, custom self-propelled modular transporter vehicles (SPMTs), turnkey aircraft hangar tool rooms and depots are some examples for this product group. Complete quality documentation of our systems and products are generated in-house by experienced ENMARES ILS team in highest international aviation standards.


Custom System Design and Manufacturing

From the moment our customers define the mission to be fulfilled to ENMARES, they transfer all responsibility to us and ENMARES delivers the project including all design, analysis, manufacturing, shipment, installation, documentation, ELD/BLD and after-sales support processes.

Advance Engineering and CAD/CAE/FEA Capabilities

As an advanced defense engineering and manufacturing company, we intensively utilize our advanced engineering and analysis capabilities for ensuring best possible solution and trading off perfect compromise between functionality and cost.


ENMARES provides its civil and military industry partners with a comprehensive consultancy service on many different areas in its scope of capabilities.