Military Systems and Defense Industry Capabilities

ENMARES offers special military electromechanical and hydromechanical turnkey system solutions for the defense sector.

ENMARES develops special tailored electro and hydro mechanical system solutions for defense and aerospace industries as a NATO/OTAN system supplier since 2009. These systems are designed, manufactured, delivered and set to work by ENMARES in a turnkey manner from scratch, upon the MIL specifications and requirements designated by the customer.

Military helicopter transfer vehicles, helicopter facilities for naval platforms, ballistic protection and armoring, blast and explosion protection door systems, automatic mine laying systems, customized RHIB recovery systems, antenna tilting mechanisms, hydraulic and electro mechanic assault ramp mechanisms for amphibious ships, special AISI 316 SS torpedo countermeasures fiber optic cable fairleads are some examples for this product group.

All ILS studies and complete documentation generation processes are carried out in World standards and in-house by experienced ENMARES ILS team.