Battery Powered Aircraft Movers and Transfer Vehicles

ENMARES develops fully-customized tailored aircraft transfer vehicles, as well as offering the standard models already available in its product portfolio. Our HERCULES-Class carriers designed for skidded helicopters, ANT-Class towing vehicles that we have developed for wheeled aircraft, SPIDER-Class universal towbarless military…

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Aircraft Maintenance Platforms (Docking Systems)

Our award-winner cutting-edge aircraft maintenance dockings have been used by our respected domestic and overseas customers for more than 15 years. We provide our customers with a highly diversified docking platform portfolio that fits any zone over aircraft of any type…

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Hydraulic Mobile Aircraft MRO Floor Cranes

ENMARES Mobile Hydraulic MRO Floor Cranes have been designed to provide an indispensable tool for handling of rotary and fixed wing aircraft parts weighing up to 1000 kg* during mounting, transfer and demounting operations over different zones on aircraft. It has…

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Universal Tire Inflation Cages

ENMARES Universal Tire Inflation Cages is one of our innovative state-of-art safety product group, one of the most critical security equipment in aircraft maintenance processes used to safely inflate various tire types of different sizes. It is designed to prevent fatal…

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Test Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance Operations

We design and manufacture special custom test equipment that our customers need in their fixed or rotary wing MRO operations. We also give an after sales periodic calibration service, including unit-based expiry followup and alert. Upon request, after-sales calibration calendar follow-up…

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Complete Aircraft Shoring Cradle Units

ENMARES designs and manufactures special custom aircraft shoring cradle systems for all types of aircraft including private jets, passenger and cargo airplanes, fighters, helicopters and space shuttles. Our full aircraft shoring service covers all engineering studies, shoring planning and consultancy; included…

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Helicopter Operation Accessories and Supplementary Equipment

ENMARES serves for consultation, design, manufacturing and supply of necessary accessories and equipment of helicopter operations for both land and sea applications. We carry out overall supply process of these supplementary equipment, which are especially very important in military applications; from…

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Aircraft Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

ENMARES Aircraft Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) can supply pressurized hydraulic flow at adjustable pressure and flow rates, regardless of which A/C it is used for. Our diesel engine driven or electric-powered HPUs can generate continuous hydraulic fluid flow at a rate…

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24-2-portatif-hidrolik-basınc-ikmal araclari

Portable Hydraulic Pressure Servicing Carts

ENMARES Portable Hydraulic Pressure Servicing Carts can supply pressurized aircraft hydraulic fluid 5000 psi / 340 bar with its compact body with stainless steel reservoir and integrated manual pump. Thanks to its 2-way pressure counterbalance valve and 3-way output selection valve,…

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Complete Turnkey Aircraft Warehouse and Tool Room Equipping and Auxiliary Systems

One of the most special turnkey engineering capabilities of ENMARES is “Complete Turnkey Aircraft Warehouse and Tool Room Equipping”, together with software controlled custom facility management systems. We carry out complete turnkey aircraft depot equipping projects: 3D and 2D design drawings…

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