Helidecks for Naval Platforms, Commercial Ships and Yachts

ENMARES designs and delivers helicopter landing platforms (helidecks) as per all dominating military and civil specifications whole over the world. ENMARES’ highly experienced aerospace engineers involve the project at the very beginning of the hull design, gives an intensive support to…

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Hatches and Ramp Systems for Civil and Military Ships

ENMARES has an extensive experience in design and manufacturing of special hydraulic and electromechanical hatches, doors and ramp systems. We serve our respected civil and military customers for designing and manufacturing pressurized hydrostatic hatches, amphibious assault ramps for LCM and LCVP…

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Automatic Sea Mine Laying Systems NUSRAT

ENMARES NUSRAT-Class Automatic Sea Mine Laying Systems are fully standalone naval weapon systems; which can be specially modified for any suitable vessel. Thanks to extreme mechanical and control features of this genuine system; sea mines of miscellaneous sizes and weighing up…

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Ship Shaft and Thrust Propeller Removal Systems

ENMARES design and manufacture state-of-art hydraulic heavy-duty devices for removal of ship shafts and propellers that weigh up to 90 tons. Our giant removal systems are designed to operate both on shipyards and floating docks. Our removal systems can be designed…

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Composite Armoring and Ballistic Protection

ENMARES carries out lightweight composite ballistic protection projects in turnkey manner for many years; especially for relatively high-speed special naval platforms where the total weight matters. Our composite ballistic protection packages having 19,8 kg/m2 specific weight density fulfill the Level I…

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Torpedo Countermeasures Fiber Optic Cable Fairleads

We design and manufacture special fiber optic cable fairleads for torpedo countermeasures systems (TCS). Turkish Navy ships LST-Class (TCG Bayraktar, TCG Sancaktar), LHD-Class (TCG Anadolu) and MILGEM-Class naval platforms have been equipped with our special AISI-316 stainless steel fairleads of different…

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Fuel Engine Powered Firefighting Pump Units

ENMARES Fuel Engine Powered Firefighting Pump Units are diesel or gasoline driven portable pumps for firefighting and water suctioning in naval platforms. Our pump unit is a combination of compact diesel or gasoline engine, centrifugal pump, exhaust primer, discharge valves and…

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Lashing Tiedowns for Naval and Civil Marine Helicopter Platforms

Our genuine tiedowns, or “helicopter lashing pots”, are used to tie rotary of fixed wing aircraft down to military and civil platforms securely after landing. More than 2000 ENMARES tie-downs, which comply with all requirements specified by NATO regulations, have been…

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Glass Crushers and Garbage Compactors for Ships

ENMARES develops genuine compact waste compactors for naval and civil ships. Our specially designed 2-in-1 compactors accommodates a glass crusher and garbage compactor just in the same body, which is great flexibility especially considering extremely tight installations in military ships.  Our…

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Warship Antenna Tilting Mechanisms

ENMARES designs and manufactures hydraulic tilting systems especially for HF antennas of naval platforms. Many warships frequently need to tilt some of antennas, partially or completely, in some circumstances. It is likely this to turn to be a major design issue…

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